Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post-Election Response From Raul Martinez

Dear Friend,

I decided to run for Congress because I wanted our children and grandchildren to live a better, safer and more prosperous life than even we have been blessed to live. Public service has shaped who I am as a person, and no matter where life leads me, public service will always be a major part of my life.

Although our campaign came up short this election, together we pushed the South Florida community, and even the country, to think about and discuss important issues that not only affect us here at home but affect our friends and family throughout the world. I would have been honored to represent you in Congress, but I know that our next President, Barack Obama, will fight for many of the same changes we fought for during this campaign.

Thank you for all the support you gave me throughout this journey. It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. I would never have made it this far if it were not for your support, and I hope some day I can do just as much for you as you have done for me.

As a citizen of Florida and this great country, I will continue to fight for you and give back to the community in any way I can. While we may not have won this election, we all won by becoming more actively involved in the democratic process, fighting for what we believe in and exercising one of the most awesome freedoms that the world has ever seen - the right to vote.

Thank you again for your support and I will always remember the thousands of people who stood by my side in our campaign to change this country for the better. You will not be forgotten, and I will continue to speak for you so that your voice is heard throughout our community on the important issues that we fought for together. I will continue this journey for the rest of my life, and while we all have our own path, I look forward to seeing you again along the way.