Thursday, February 14, 2008

More on Lincoln Diaz-Balart's bad day

Thanks to Ken for posting the preceding item on how Lincoln Diaz-Balart showed disrespect to one of the most venerable and honored members of Congress.

Another question is: what was going on in the House at the time? The topic of debate was the motion of contempt of Congress against Harriet Myers and Josh Bolton for not obeying summons to testify about firings in the Department of Justice.

And another question is: what was Lincoln Diaz-Balart doing here? He was managing the Republican side in the debate. I happened to tune in to it on C-Span and saw the Democratic side roaring with justice on its side. Poor Lincoln D-B -- fumbling for words, on the wrong side of a clear issue, musta been wishing he'd already lost this next election.

Let's make his wish come true.

UPDATE: Well, at 1:46 p.m. the minority leader John Boehner ended the bad day for the congressman from FL-21: he led the Republicans in walking out of the chamber in protest at the impending vote on contempt.