Tuesday, October 9, 2007

12-year-old boy takes heat from wingnuts

Here, too, we have kids opposing the veto of SCHIP. From Oct. 4 protest at Lincoln Diaz-Balart's office in Miami.

Last weekend the Democratic weekly radio speech was given by a 12-year-old Baltimore boy, Graeme Frost, who talked about the way the SCHIP program had helped his low-income family overcome injuries that he and one of his sisters suffered in an auto accident. The far right wingnuts not only attack SCHIP, they go after the C in the acronym -- the CHILD who dares to speak against them. You'd think a kid would be safe from political combat, but no, the wingnuts are after him full blast: read about it here on DailyKos.

Here in Miami-Dade our Chairman Joe Garcia criticized Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (FL-21) with a rather mild comment on the Republican congressman, who votes against SCHIP for American children but then enjoys publicity for helping handicapped Ukrainian youngsters. The congressman's taxpayer-financed office ripped into Joe as "pathetic and pathological." Well, goodness, such heat.

They must be so nervous as they see oblivion ahead -- the permanent minority status that their cold ideology deserves.